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ClearVision Christmas cards now available!

Let someone know you're thinking about them, and help ClearVision at the same time! Our Christmas cards are a great way to support the library's work, and to help spread the word about us, so that more families can receive the books they need.

We have three designs available: a handsome barn owl on a snowy branch, a line of waddling penguins and a Father Christmas (from one of our tactile books) all pictured below. Each pack of 10 cards costs just £3 plus postage and packing dependent on the number of packs you order. The printed message inside the card simply reads 'Season's Greetings', so they're suitable not just for Christmas, but for Hanukkah, Solstice, New Year or any other festive occasion. There's also plenty of space for your own message.

To order just call us on 020 8789 9575 or email us at