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2017 Christmas Cards On Sale Now

If you haven't bought your Christmas Cards yet and would like to support ClearVision as you wish your friends, family and loved ones a Merry Christmas then we have a brilliant range of cards for you! Each pack of 10 cards costs just £3 plus postage and packing dependent on the number of packs. We have there designs: Barn Owls, Penguins and Santa Claus all of which you can see below. To order just call us on 020 8789 9575 or email us at and we will be happy to process your order and send your cards out straight away.

2017 International Typhlo & Tactus Competition Results

The judging of the Typhlo and Tactus competition has now taken place in Dijon. Eight judges from Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK examined seventy-one books from eighteen countries before selecting this year’s winner.

The winning book was An Unexpected Story by Valentina Lungo from Switzerland; there will be photos of this and other books shortly on the official Typhlo and Tactus website ( In second place was Dens by Lucia and Ilaria Macchiatini from Italy. In joint third place were Captain Seo’s Sea Tale by Kiryl Konowalow and Patricia Zalejska from Poland, and Bouli and the Red Dragon by Christine Donze from Belgium.

In addition to the winning books, the judges each chose a book as their personal favourite, a ‘coup de coeur’ which they found particularly appealing. A UK entry, Wool by Samantha Treacy, was given a Coup de Coeur Award by the judge from The Netherlands. This lovely book has now been donated to the ClearVision library. Congratulations to Samantha Treacy and many thanks to everyone who entered the competition.

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