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Teacher Tim takes on the London Marathon for ClearVision

Tim Richmond from South West London will take on the challenge of the most coveted event in any runner’s calendar: the Virgin Money London Marathon. On Sunday 28th April, Tim will not only run 26.2 gruelling miles, but will also raise much-needed funds for the ClearVision Project.

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Tim has chosen to run for us because as a QTVI (a teacher working with children with vision impairment) he knows the difference that a dual print and braille children’s book can make.

“Think of all the times you’ve sat down with a child and shared a book together." He says. "This is an enriching experience, and we are very fortunate to be able to do this. But what if a child or parent isn’t able to see? That’s where ClearVision can help. They improve the lives of families with someone who is blind by making and lending children's books which have both print and braille in, for reading together. I’m lucky enough to be a trustee of this life-changing charity and want to raise awareness of all they do. So I am going to run the mighty London Marathon for this great cause.”

The Department for Education states that by the time a child is five they should be able to read and understand simple sentences. Yet at 5 years old only 17% of visually impaired children know the braille alphabet and some word signs. Support from family and friends is vital, but few books in print and braille exist for purchase, and they're expensive. Since 50% of families living with vision impairment exist on a low income of under £300 a week, the fact that the ClearVision library is free for families is vital. It gives children access to the books needed to build their literacy.

On any given year, around 40,000 people participate in the London Marathon and we are delighted to have our first ever runner in Tim. The London Marathon is the largest annual one-day fundraising event in the world, and since the first race in 1981, runners have raised more than £890 million for good causes.

If you would like to support Tim and raise funds for our library, you can do so at

We'd like to thank Tim for the enormous commitment in time and effort he has already made to support ClearVision, and wish him the very best of luck.

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