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Tactile book making workshops

Fancy learning how to make one of our fantastic tactile picture books?

ClearVision has an amazing 800 specially-created books with pictures designed to be explored through touch. These books are great fun, but also play a huge role in building children's touch skills and in helping them to understand pictures- vital if they're going to go on and use tactile maps or diagrams in school. We're holding Zoom workshops for volunteers interested in making more for our library. Anyone can give it a go, and they're free! They're running:

Monday 24th June 7pm
Wednesday 3rd July 4pm

They’re the same (so you only need to sign up for one!) and will run for one and a half to two hours. Signup for each closes three days before the class, email to book a place.

In the mean time, visit our Making Tactile Books webpage for the basics and see the videos below.

Tactile books: what they are and who they’re for

Designing a tactile book:

Making a tactile book: practicalities