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International tactile book competition!

A page from a collage tactile book showing fish and two starfish in the sea, and a star and red feathery bird in the sky

Tactile image books are amazing: they're books in which all the pictures are made up of different objects, shapes and textures, specifically designed to be explored by touch. They let children who have little or no sight enjoy picture books just like sighted children do, and help them build up valuable touch skills which will be useful for navigating life without vision, especially if they might learn braille. They can be made in a variety of ways, including stitched fabric, collage, plastic vacuum-formed round real objects and 3D printing.

The Typhlo and Tactus International Tactile Book Competition is held every two years to encourage tactile book creation across the world. This year, judging will take place in Poland in October, with a prize of 500 Euros for the overall winner.

This brilliant contest is free to enter and open to anyone- whether you’ve never made a tactile book before, or you’ve made dozens! In past years we’ve had great entries from sewing groups, artists, parents, teachers, crafters and students. The judges will be looking for books which are exciting and entertaining for children up to age 12 who have little or no sight, and are strong enough to take enthusiastic exploring by touch.

If you're interested in entering a book, the application form can be found here: TyphloandTactusentryform2024.docx and the full rules here:

Hurry though, the deadline for books to be at the ClearVision library is 1st July 2024. You can ask us for a freepost label to send us your book!

We’re also looking to recruit judges with sight impairment for the UK judging round, held at ClearVision on a weekend in mid-July. If you’re interested in taking part, please contact us!

For more information on designing and making a tactile book, please see our videos below and visit our Making Tactile Books webpage for the basics. We're holding Zoom workshops too. They're running:

Wednesday 17th April 7pm
Monday 13th May 7pm
Monday 3rd June 4pm

They’re all the same (so you only need to sign up for one!) and will run for one and a half to two hours. Signup for each closes three days before the class, email to book a place.

You can find the website of the Typhlo and Tactus competition, with information about previous winners, at If you have questions, please contact ClearVision on or 020 8789 9575.

Tactile books: what they are and who they’re for

Designing a tactile book:

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